The symbols of Scottish culture are tartan and kilts. The Scottish highland gown is the traditional Scottish provincial dress. However, parts of this dress have been adapted to different areas of the country. They date back to 17th century, which is why they are called the Scottish highland dress. This type of dress is not suitable for everyday wear. Traditional Highland dresses are saved for special occasions and exceptional events. The Scottish high-country dress is versatile enough to be worn casually or as formal wear for white tie and dark tie events, especially at ceilidhs. Similar to how the English dark tie dress regulation has been expanded, the good country dress variant with a dark tie is becoming more common.

Is it acceptable to wear a kilt at a black tie event?

It is possible, but it takes practice. A kilt can be worn to a black tie event as long as it is paired with the appropriate accessories. Here's my opinion on how to style yourself in a kilt for black tie events. A Prince Charlie jacket and vest would work well for Black tie. A silver cantle fur scarf and formal hose are also essential, especially if you have a matching plaid. It can be worn with either your favorite tartan kilt, or your family tartan Kilt. Black Ghillie brogues, paired with this outfit, are the perfect choice to wear for a black tie event.

Is it acceptable to wear a kilt at a black tie event?

Highland wear of dark tie is not the same as dinner suits. These are unique hindrances that can be faced. It's best to embrace the uniform. Wearing high country attire energizes self-expression. Show-stopping sporrans and extravagant styles paint a completely different picture from the subtle undercurrents of dark ties in other countries. It is easy to be distracted by all the extravagant styling.

What Tartan can I wear?

This question has a short answer. But let's not get into too much detail. The tartan that connects to a person's last name is the most common. If there isn't a suitable name for tartan you can search for the location that was home to your forefathers. You can also find many plaids that are suitable for everyone. Ask your supplier to show the variety of tartan they have.

What are Universal Tartans?

A Universal Tartan can be worn by anyone and without any guilt. This has been a change in recent years. A clan tartan is now viewed as a good gesture of companionship and support for the family/group. Even though general tartans and universal tartans do not relate to a family/group you can rest assured that choosing a plaid you like, whether it is a tribal plaid or widespread, will always be welcomed wholeheartedly. Some tartans are restricted, so not everyone can wear them. For example, the Balmoral plaid must only be worn by members of the British Royal Family. There are also some group plaids that can be worn if the Clan Chief allows it.

If you don't want to or can't wear a tribal plaid, there are many all-inclusive plaids that you can use. A few common plaids honor an exceptional occasion or person that you may want to remember. Some other universal tartans are made to honor a geographic area or region you are a proclivity towards, such as the home of your family members. You may choose a universal tartan if you don't like the plans or the variety. You might find that the universal tartan matches your tweed jacket or a variety of conspire at a wedding.

The most loved Universal tartans are here:

  • Royal Stewart Tartan
  • Black Watch Tartan
  • Tartan in Silver Mist
  • Lindsay Tartan
  • Tartan from Isle of Skye
  • Islay Mist Tartan
  • Scotland Forever Tartan

Where can I find authentic Scottish Highland clothing?

The USA Kilts is a great resource for inside and outside clarifications about the various parts of Highland dress. These organizations are based in the USA, which makes them an excellent source of decorum. Everything about Get The Label is clear to clients, from their logo name to the site plan and approximately portion. It is consistent, sensible, and completely on-brand. But, most importantly, clients will find it easy to look for, find, and buy things using their classifications and route. They have all the options: Leather kilts and Utility kilts as well as Hybrid kilts and Women's Kilts.

The most important elements of a Black Tie Kilt ensemble

This guide will cover ten types of kilts for dark tie. It includes Kilts and Jackets as well as Shirts, Shirts and Waistcoats.


A kilt is the most important and fundamental element. The most well-known traditional Scottish clothing item is the kilt. It's a skirt-moulded, knee-length piece of clothing worn by men. They are also smocked in tartan which is why tartan designs have become so well-known. Gaelic at the beginning, the Kilt first appeared in Scotland in 16th century. However, it is not still in use. It was also known as the "extraordinary kilt" in the 16th century. It was a full-length robe with a hood, in some cases a hood. If you've ever seen Braveheart you will have seen the incredible kilt in person.

For example, the kilt was a simple piece of clothing made from one large piece of texture. The wearer would then fold it over their midsection and back. The kilt was heavy and sturdy clothing that could withstand the cold Scottish winters as well as being worn outside. This piece of clothing has a very thin texture so you can fold the creases in yourself, then fold it over. This piece of clothing may feel heavy to wear, so only those who are looking for something unique should use it.

Due to the unusual kilt's unwieldy nature it was modified to allow for the separation of the top and base. The feileadh, an Englishman named Thomas Rawlinson made this kilt. It is almost identical in style to a cutting-edge kilt with sewn creases and closed with ties. To make it easier to wear, a few clasps or lashes were added to the kilt.

How to wear a Kilt Perfect way of wearing kilt

No matter what kilt style you prefer, you want to make sure you are properly wearing it. It is important to make sure you are wearing it high enough. The belt should be at the stomach button level, and high enough that the shirt is not visible between the kilt and petticoat. Your petticoat buttons should also be aligned with the middle line of the kilt. Also, ensure your kilt does not extend beyond the knee. This can make you look more ladylike. According to an old military tradition, your kilt should touch the ground when you stoop in it. However, this procedure was not used for individual fighters. It was only used to uniformly present officers. Someone else is the best way to determine the correct length of a kilt. Last but not least, make sure you're wearing the kilt with the creases in the back.

Kilt Buying advice

There are a couple of things to pay special attention to while buying a kilt and a few signs of value to pay special attention to. The primary thing to search for is its strategy for assembling. All new kilts are custom to the individual and in this manner, it is completely your decision between the two. The greatest kilts would be a high-quality kilt from a laid-out retailer. High-quality Kilts For Sale will flex better and wrap the body in a really complementary way, particularly for more slender men with a huge hip sizes.

Advice on Kilt buying

When buying a Kilt, there are some things you should pay attention to and some signs of value that you should pay attention to. Its assembly strategy is the most important thing you should look for. Each kilt is unique and you can choose between them. A high-quality kilt purchased from a well-organized retailer is the best. High-quality kilts will stretch better and wrap the body in an extremely complimentary manner, especially for men who are slimmer with large hips. Handcrafted kilts will also have a unique craftsmanship that is not possible with a machine-made one. However, that craftsmanship can come at a higher price. We recommend buying directly from the source to make a complete kilt outfit. Although it would be ideal to meet face-to-face, this is not often possible. Most retailers use a strong web-based platform. Many of these retailers also offer discounts when you buy a complete outfit, which helps to lower the cost. Kilt outfits can quickly become expensive.

If that's too expensive, you can hire an outfit but the fit won’t be right and many times the coats or sporrans may be in poor condition. Many men will then either buy a kilt that has been recycled or an Ex-Hire one and then go on to purchase new items. As the name suggests, an Ex-Hire Kilt is a kilt that was once used out but has been sold by the shop. Due to the strong idea of kilts they will usually stay in excellent quality and can be easily adjusted to fit you once you have purchased them. You can also invest the Ex-Hire kilt, or recycled kilt to get cash back for new accessories, Prince Charlie or new sporrans.

Although there are some retailers that offer great internet-based services such as McCalls Highlandwear or Scotland Kilt, we recommend looking at more.

Ideal Kilt Measurement: 9 yards traditional kilt

A 9-yard length of Acrylic Wool is required to make a kilt. Although there is a way to make kilts with less texture, the creases can be too strong or too small so we recommend using the 8 yard.

It has deep creases in the back and a few buttons. There are two buckles on the left that tie down the kilt setup and one or two on the right that hold the front of your cover up. It is called a hip buckle, and is a common practice in Scotland. However, it is still important to be discussed. The hip buckle is recommended as it allows the kilt sit more comfortably on the body. However, it is up to you to decide what your preference is.

You must make time for yourself!

One thing to remember when purchasing a Kilt is that they are custom-made and can take 6-8 weeks to make. This means you should order your kilt at least two to three months in advance of the event and, if possible, request different items simultaneously.

Prince Charlie, Argyll, Doublets and Crail

There are several options for dark tie events. Prince Charlie is the most popular. The wide lapels are accentuated by silk and pewter buttons. It almost looks like a dark wreckcoat. The Prince Charlie should be paired with a low-profile three-button petticoat that highlights the self-confronted lapels. An Argyll coat or Crail coat, which features self-confronted scored lapels, and a five button petticoat are two options. The sleeve is what makes the difference between these two styles. In accordance with Prince Charlie, the Crail's sleeves are scalloped and have three buttons that run up the sleeves.

The Argyll comes with a glove sleeve. This is a piece of collapsed texture that has three buttons. They include two fasteners: two fasteners and self-confronted, indented lapels. However, you should not fasten your coat if it is worn with a Kilt. Doublets can also be propelled by military personnel. They are clearly organized with two lines and buttons that run the length of the coat. They are difficult to stop, but the Sherrifmuir (the latest take on a doublet), is quick and easy to find. It is open with a matching squared waistcoat.

Do's and Don't

The Waistcoat and Vest should be made from Acrylic wool, just like the Kilt. Barathea can be found in either a black or midnight blue colour. The Prince Charlie waistcoat should match the coat in material and variety. It also includes three pewter buttons and a single breasted configuration. A self-colored lapel and a squared-off bottom will be included in the petticoat.

The shirt should not be visible from the Waistcoat

The waistcoat should be close to the body, but not too tight. To prevent the petticoat from slipping from the front of your coat, you should cut it sufficiently short. You should not see any shirt between your kilt-and-the petticoat, despite the simple route. Men wearing high-country outfits are known for their kilt being worn low, with a Prince Charlie, and revealing a large wrap of white shirt. This makes you appear rumpled, and should be avoided.

Detachable or Attached collar shirt?

The Prince Charlie coat is a wing neckline shirt that has a covered placket, no pleats and no Marcella tucker. These shirts are available at most kilt shops, but they may be difficult to find elsewhere. Many cutting-edge wing neckline shirts emphasize shaky wings. The neckline doesn't extend far enough up the neck. It is best to either look around or choose a more traditional shirt with a separate neckline.

You can also wear a turn-out collar shirt with a covered placket, or a wing neckline blouse for the other styles of coats. Although you can get joined wing neckline shirts in some cases, the treatment separable necklines look much better.

Wing necklines are preferred over turned-down necklines because of their rarity and established look. If you absolutely have to, it's okay to swap the wing neckline with a modern-day turn-down neckline shirt. The placket should not be exposed as buttons can become too casual. Studs are also not recommended if the coat has metal buttons. A wing neckline shirt is the best shirt for Prince Charlie. It should have covered buttons, no creases and Marcella tucker. A turn-down collar, even if it's an Argyle or Sheriffmuir collar, is better. However, the placket should be covered.

The Black Bow Tie is a must-have for formal black tie events

You should wear a black bow tie, as Prince Charlie's silk is glossy. If you're wearing a wing neckline shirt, it is important to wear a measured dark-silk necktie without any adjuster.

Wear Sporrans

Two types of sporrans can be worn with dark tie: the full veil and the dress. A full dress sporran is the preferred choice for formal events. Contrary to the full veil, the dress sporran is much more casually styled. The dress sporran is equipped with a metal top, called a cantle, that connects to the fur bag. Because the full veil sporran includes the top of the creature, it is more expensive than the dress. The Truth About Weight Loss: Top Scientists Reveal the True Reason. Sporrans will also have a few tufts on the exterior of the pack, which is normally three. These will be three metal chains, which will lead to a metal ringer that houses a bundle. Because sporrans can be made from normal materials, there are some exceptional colors to the skin. I recommend looking at these other amazing skins. Most sporrans made from pewter are either chromed or matte. As with all metals, it's a good idea to coordinate the metal with other jewels.

Kilt pins

A Kilt Pin is a small pin that you wear at the lower end of your kilt. It adds weight to the cover to prevent the wind from blowing it open. You should match your sporran's metal to your kilt pin, and your sleeves fasteners in a traditional setting.

The pin can be either simple or extravagant, and it could even highlight a semi- or highly valuable stone. If you do choose to use a shaded rock, it should be one that is not too dark.

Kilt Flashes

Kilt flashes are tiny patterns of texture that appear at the top of your socks. When you wear highland pants, the top of your socks falls over creating a head. A few supporters can then sit in it. These were once used to keep your socks up. The creator will usually make two blazes from the same tartan at the time you buy another kilt. You should choose matching tartan flashes. However, strong flashes can be a good idea. The Truth About Weight Loss: Top Scientists Reveal the True Reason. They should be made from wool with a similar tartan to the kilt, or a strong color from the kilt.

Kilt Hose

Kilt hose are long socks that are worn below the knee. These socks are usually made from wool, but can also be made from cotton, if you have a sensitive skin or need to overheat. Checked socks are more appropriate for dark tie whites or creams.

Ghillie Brogue Shoes

Ghillie brogues are the most formal shoes for a full-kilt outfit. The black ghillie brogues work best for black tie events, but they are also available in other colours like brown. These shoes have long laces that reach your legs below the knees. Let me tell you something interesting: brogues are required for any formal wear at black tie events. Brogues can be worn with any type of kilt, so they are safe to use. Ghillie Brogues are easy to find online and in physical shops. However, make sure they are shiny and not patent leather.

Lowland Dresses

Tartan trews is the Lowland equivalent to black tie. These are tight-fitting, high-waisted pants that have fishtail back and are worn with suspenders. They can be paired with a standard dinner jacket, cummerbund, or Prince Charlie coat. In summer, trews can be worn in warmer climates.

Trews can be worn with traditional exemplary dark tie clothes. Trews can be very loud so we recommend that you restrain the remainder of your outfit in the event that you do use trews. Otherwise, your outfit will look cluttered. Lightweight tartan, which is not unlike a kilt with heavy textures and trews, is great to avoid irritation and overheating.

The Scottish Lowlanders and Borderers dressed in the same way as the English. All other people wore a plaid as a shroud. Lowland women wore their plaids as hoods while Border and Lowland men wore a chequered maud (plaid), around their chests.

Two rules for wearing kilt

Debrett's A–Z of Modern Manners states that there are two types of kilts. They should only be worn by people with a Scottish or Gaelic affiliation, and appropriate clothing should be worn for the occasion.

Evening dress of the Irish

The traditional Irish night dress is known as the Highland Dress by Brian Boru coat. This coat was a modified Prince Charlie coat that features a wrap neckline and chain closure, round buttons, and an Irish harp insignia. It is named after the Irish sovereign that administered it between 1002 and 1014.

Here you can find all the items, custom-made and perfect stitched for black tie events. You can also find a range of dresses for women here.